Hydra Mare – Galatas – Poros

Our group owns a unique piece of land, which is located 150 km far from Athens, 40 km far from Epidavros and opposite Spetses and Ydra. Due to its proximity to Athens , Poros is becoming one of the most  popular destinations for foreigners who wish to buy a villa in Greece.

The highway, which was built in August 2006 between Epidavros and Poros brings our project area even closer to Athens, making it an appealing weekend getaway .The area of Poros can also be reached by boat from Pireaus (≈ 1 hour) www.poros.gr

The project is aimed at building a club resort and summer houses for Northern Europeans. The project covers an area of approximately 3,500,000m2.  Being the only so large estate in the area with direct access to the beach, the project creates very good prospects.

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