Energy Plants – Production from biomass burning process

Apollo Capital Group  (spearheading) leading the efforts of producing energy from biomass burning Process in Greece , is aimed at building 28 power plants with a total capacity of 84MW.

The effort began with the establishment of a strategic partnership with the Department of Agronomy, at the University of Thessaly.

Specifically, the group collaborates with Professor Dr N. Danalatos, who has received an international patent for the following 17 years the research progress of plant Wild Artichoke (Cynara Cardunculus), to be used as fuel instead of oil to produce heat or electricity.

The use of Cynara Cardunculus has brought positive effects in many areas. In particular , the transition from conventional farming systems in crop Cynara Cardunculus, multiply the profits of farmers choose  to cultivate the plant, it opens new horizons for the development of Greek rural areas and creates many new jobs, attributing to their economic growth.

The group has already secured the cooperation with farmers by signing contracts for several years, to cultivate this energy plant, the first crops that constitute collateral for the operation of the first plants, are fact since 2010.

The program of A.C.G. includes placement in strategic locations, i.e. next to rural areas in order to ensure the quick and costless supply of the factories with raw material (Cynara Cardunculus). This objective has been achieved by purchasing 23 plots on which the power Plants are going to be to installed.

Constructed Power stations: 0MW
Power stations on Approved License stage: 84MW

Biomass Energy Plants

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Energy Plant Cynara cardunculus

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