The group

Fotolia_46645626_Subscription_XXL [800x600]Apollo Capital Group has been actively and successfully involved over the last thirty years in the investments’ sector, land development , buildings construction and energy production from RES (Renewable Energy Sources).

The Group counts over four hundred successfully completed transactions by now, concerning on and off-plan properties, enriching the group with profound experience.
Nowadays, Apollo Capital Group‘s portfolio consists of 60.000.000 m2 of land approximately all over Greece (Athens, Mykonos, Parnassos, Paros, Kefalonia, Ios, Skyros, Poros, Corfu, Amaliada etc.)

Real Estate sector in Greece is expected to grow rapidly during the coming years, making the current period ideal for long range investments. The specialization in considerable complex projects such as luxurious resorts provides Apollo Capital Group with the opportunity of purchasing unique land pieces in lower prices than their market value.

Our aim is to build affordable villas and luxury hotel units that will cater to the needs of an International customer from Europe, Russia, the Arab world or elsewhere.

One of our targets is, among others, to create an easy and comfortable process of obtaining residence permit for potential investors, avoiding any bureaucracy or legal problems.
Meanwhile, if the world economy expands to meet the aspirations of countries around the globe, energy demand is likely to increase even if strenuous efforts are made to increase the efficiency of energy use.

Given adequate support, renewable energy technologies can meet much of the growing demand at prices lower than those usually forecast for conventional energy. Having foreseen the arising business opportunities, Apollo Capital Group has been very active in this sector since 2006.

Specifically, the group has invested large amounts in Solar Parks, Solarthermal Parks, Wind meals and Biomass power plants. By now, our Group has built photovoltaic power stations of total capacity 5.2 MW as well in central and north Greece as in many Greek islands.